Happy Thanksgiving 2013!


I adore Thanksgiving. I do. It makes perfect sense to me that our hearts would be postured in thankfulness right before we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, the greatest gift of all. This thankfulness prepares our hearts and spirits for fully receiving the total power and strength and love that we esteem during the Christmas Season, that being the Birth of Our Lord, King, Master, and Savior.

*sigh* He really is amazing.

Now then, I won’t waste your time and mention the obvious things we should be thankful for, (since normally these are things we have already and things we all agree upon as being good), but will instead focus on what we should be thankful for that we don’t have.

  • We don’t have confusion.
  • We don’t have failure.
  • We don’t have doubt.
  • We don’t have the wages of sin.
  • We don’t have the exhausting task of constantly living a life being held to a standard none of us can achieve.
  • We don’t have a false god who could care less about us.
  • We don’t have indecision, wonder, hesitance, or double-mindedness.
  • We don’t have a false god that hates us, while lying to us that he loves us, and who forces our obedience through works, deeds, rituals, and expected actions of self-deprecation.
  • We don’t have a false god who only listens when it pleases him and serves his purposes.
  • We don’t have religion, patternistic belief, or forced fealty to a god we are scared of, hoping, praying he won’t just decide one day to kill us off.
  • We don’t have worry.
  • We don’t have anxiety.
  • We don’t have outright and unrestrained hopelessness.
  • We don’t know what it is to be lost, alone, rejected, dismissed, isolated, and abandoned.

I could go on and on, of course. But consider this a small taste of the things we should be thankful that we do not have as sons of God.

Not a sermon; just a thought.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!