Purpose: Spiritual callings, roles, and giftings (I’m not you…)


The Holy Spirit is, in my own words, “Jesus’ stunt-double”, meaning He is here with us while our Jesus is seated at the right hand of our Father. Make no mistake here, Jesus is Omnipresent, to be sure, but The Spirit is the manifest presence of The Godhead, flowing in us, through us, around us, and as an ever-present counselor to guide us in His ways. He’s amazing like that.

No other god can say that about itself. No other false spirit can do these things. Only Him. Only The Holy Spirit. Period.

Now then, knowing that The Spirit is real, we also know He came to us, sent from our Father after Jesus The Son fulfilled The New Covenant, bearing His gifts, His power, and His purposes. The Spirit has one “role”, if you will, and that is to bring us to the fullness of Christ Jesus both intellectually and spiritually. Remember, we are told we can love God with our minds, so rest assured The Spirit will boost our own intellects as only He can to enable them to wrap themselves around the deeper things of our Father. He also boosts our spirits, breaking them through Salvation, and then gently remaking them according to His perfect design. Fullness, yes? Yes.

It is said that there is One Body, but many parts (The Big Picture). This preaches well from behind a pulpit, and allows for us to segregate ourselves unknowingly into camps of “the haves” and “the have-nots”. Yikes. This should not be so!

However, instead of adopting this attitude, what if we considered this “One Body, many parts” truth in the light of, “Look, this is my calling, and that is your calling. I do not want to be you, and I do not want to tell you how you should walk in the gifts our Father has given you according to my ideals, so do not be critical of me and think you know how Jesus and I should relate to one another, thank you so much!”, when it comes to The Big Picture.

The Holy Spirit, in His wisdom and in no small part in His own sense of humor, has given each and every one of us the gift of a personal and ongoing relationship with Him that only He controls and fully grasps. He has given each and every one of us a purpose, a calling, a gifting (or giftings), and then propelled us forward in His Name to do as He says. So simple.

People will wish to dissect gifts from callings from ministries from purposes from etc., etc. I, however, merely look at this all through the eyes of a son and not as a theologian who needs to put His works, and how He relates to us individually, into boxes with labels that I can easily understand. There are some things that, no matter what, will be beyond our scope of understanding this side of Heaven. *shrugs* It is what it is.

The Holy Spirit does as The Father commands. He comes to us through Salvation, at The Father’s bidding, and performs miracles within us that open the door to a greater purpose and a greater ministry in His Name. And these ministries are for us as He sees fit. He gives them. He decides who does what, who gets what, and that’s simply how it is.

Not a one of us has been saved merely for the sake of Salvation. It is not as if any of us can ever shrug our shoulders and say, “Well, I’m saved. I got mine. You’re on your own, I reckon. Good luck with that whole ‘Jesus thing’. I’m all set. I’m good here.” No. We have been saved for a reason. We have been saved to do something this side of Heaven that our Father is specifically wanting us to do. We have a purpose.

Now, this is not to say our Father has pinned His hopes on us or on our obedience to Him. Not at all! His Will shall be done, no matter what. But how thrilling it is, how wonderful it is, how loving it is for Him to draw us into His Plan for the world and for His Bride.

The gist is this: I am me. You are you. He is our Father and God and Lord and Master. He talks to you differently than He talks to me. He relates to me differently than He relates to you. He has called you to do what He wants, and He has called me to do what He wants, but  these things are not necessarily the same thing.

So let us all NOT put one another under the microscope of scrutiny that is our own making. Be you. Be the you that He wants you to be. Be the you that only He knows. Disregard the critiques of mere men, no matter how well-intentioned they might be, unless The Spirit specifically commands you to LISTEN to them. There is an unhealthy amount of white noise in The Kingdom, made from the protests and whining of Christians who have no sense of purpose, who are simply blowing in the wind.

You have a purpose. Find it. Seek it. Ask our Father to show it to you. You were saved for a reason, and empowered to do it!