Happy Thanksgiving 2013!


I adore Thanksgiving. I do. It makes perfect sense to me that our hearts would be postured in thankfulness right before we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, the greatest gift of all. This thankfulness prepares our hearts and spirits for fully receiving the total power and strength and love that we esteem during the Christmas Season, that being the Birth of Our Lord, King, Master, and Savior.

*sigh* He really is amazing.

Now then, I won’t waste your time and mention the obvious things we should be thankful for, (since normally these are things we have already and things we all agree upon as being good), but will instead focus on what we should be thankful for that we don’t have.

  • We don’t have confusion.
  • We don’t have failure.
  • We don’t have doubt.
  • We don’t have the wages of sin.
  • We don’t have the exhausting task of constantly living a life being held to a standard none of us can achieve.
  • We don’t have a false god who could care less about us.
  • We don’t have indecision, wonder, hesitance, or double-mindedness.
  • We don’t have a false god that hates us, while lying to us that he loves us, and who forces our obedience through works, deeds, rituals, and expected actions of self-deprecation.
  • We don’t have a false god who only listens when it pleases him and serves his purposes.
  • We don’t have religion, patternistic belief, or forced fealty to a god we are scared of, hoping, praying he won’t just decide one day to kill us off.
  • We don’t have worry.
  • We don’t have anxiety.
  • We don’t have outright and unrestrained hopelessness.
  • We don’t know what it is to be lost, alone, rejected, dismissed, isolated, and abandoned.

I could go on and on, of course. But consider this a small taste of the things we should be thankful that we do not have as sons of God.

Not a sermon; just a thought.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Kingdom Mentality: To Vote or Not To Vote?


Today happens to be the first Tuesday in November during an election year here in Bethel. The open grass on the sides of our streets are littered with the signs of the candidates, each vying for our attention and support. Front yards of private citizens are used as sounding boards for candidates of all stripes.

There is an air of excitement and new possibilities, and sites such as Patch are full of opinions and commentaries regarding the course of action our little town should take. I am watching it all with a mixture of mild amusement and legitimate concern, because while I myself bow to a theocracy through King Jesus, I am also very much aware that life this side of Heaven has secular demands that need attending to. Taxes, mil rates, road work, commerce, etc., all are a part of said secular living.

I learned early on in my covenantal walk with Christ that it profits me nothing to be “so Heavenly-minded that I am no earthly good”. Saying this, I walk in two worlds: the spiritual and the secular. When elections roll around, be they local, State, or National, I do my best to pay attention and to foment a proper voting response, knowing that in The Big Picture it is irrelevant, but also knowing I am existing in this small portion of said Big Picture. Like I said, it is a mixture.

Of Jesus it is said that the government rests upon His shoulders. Kingdom life is governmental in nature, and The Kingdom is likewise. We have a King, a ruler, a Savior who has a station and a position that shapes our very existence as sons of God, and in whom no wickedness is to be found and whose will is flawless and perfect. The same cannot be said for man’s politics.

So when it comes time to cast a vote, knowing the course of history as it pertains to our small town will be directly affected, how do we know we are voting the correct way? Well, we don’t. All we can do is consider the secular aspects of this election season, balancing them against the here and now, and trusting in our God and Father to see us through to the other side of the decisions we make.

Should Christians vote? Should Christians not vote? Should Christians rest in the Sovereignty of God and let what will happen simply happen and know it is the will of our Father and not vote, or should we be pro-active and believe we can be incorporated in determining said destiny and vote?

Yes and Yes.

I vote because I can. However, I also fully rely upon the wisdom and Sovereignty of God that tells me no matter what the final tally is, He will be there to carry me through. No matter who wins these elections, all of the different ones involved, I know that God our Father is well aware and will not leave us or abandon us.


So vote your conscience, vote your heart, vote your spirit. For us as sons of God, it is always a win-win situation, since God our Father holds it all in His hand.

Tomorrow morning, after the dust is settled and elected officials have been determined, God is still going to be our Father, Jesus is still going to be our King, and The Spirit will still welcome us as we awaken to a new day that He has brought.

Cross-posted at Bethel Patch.